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Very important business update:

Expansion for Quality Therapies in 2021

and how will we work now


Message from Anna Ostafin, the owner of QT

"Firstly I would like to acknowledge the unusual challenges that we all had to face in the last year.  With saying that I also believe that in every challenge there is an opportunity to grow and learn. 

Personally I used this year as a clearance to realign with my heart and my passion yet again. What I've discovered was that working with the physical body is simply not enough anymore for me. Our physicality is very powerful but it is the mind that controls it all. So this is how the Health Mindset Coaching was born and Quality Therapies expanded. 

The 2020 also has blessed me with a beautiful relationship which has resulted in me becoming a mum in just only few short months. What a blessing! With saying that I won't be available for Massage services for some time. I did go beyond and above to ensure I have some good recommendations for all of my amazing clients and all of those who are here looking for high quality service for the first time. I truly appreciate you all and I wanted to make sure you will be taken care of while I'm preparing myself for this new adventure in my life. "

So here is how this will work now:

How will we operate from January 2021:


1. For massage therapy services please refer to my recommended therapist in and beyond Hills District area here.

These are the best therapist in my opinion and they will deliver high quality treatments tailored to your specific needs. 


2. To make a booking please contact therapist directly. All the contact details can be found here. All therapists work independently so please refer to the info here about their availability, opening hours, location etc. 


3. The owner of QT Anna Ostafin will be available only for Health Mindset Coaching while she is on maternity leave. Coaching Sessions will be done online via zoom. To make a booking go to Book online.


With a background in Physiotherapy and a combined 10 years of experience in both Physiotherapy and Massage I offer my clients sublime treatments with a results-oriented approach.


The benefits of massage are endless. Whichever treatment you choose, you will gain back more than you think.


With our personalised treatment plan and wide range of massages, at Quality Therapies you will find something that best suits your needs.

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Our mission is to help people understand that their body has an incredible ability to heal itself. We just need to give it the right conditions to do so!



Prevention is the key!

We believe that everyone has the right to feel good. We should never think that it's okay to be used to pain, discomfort, or illness. However, these conditions are always going to be a part of your life. So you should embrace any pain, learn from it, and treat it - but, most importantly, prevent it!

With regular massage therapy, you will become aware of your body and learn how to listen to the signs it sends you- so that you can address these signs, prevent any future pain or illness, and continue to live your life as your best possible self!


Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia association



Health Coaching

Monday to Saturday 10am-2pm, 5pm-7pm

Massage Therapy

Monday to Saturday- times vary depending on an individual therapist

(please check availability here)