How much do you value your health?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In the current worldwide situation that is directly affecting our health It is very relevant to open up a conversation to help us distinguish how much do we actually value our health.

And when we say "health" we mean both mental and physical. These both are directly connected and dependant on each other. They work simultaneously to create a healthy environment for us to thrive in. One is a reflection of the other and you can’t have a healthy body if you don’t have a healthy mind.

The body is just a mirror to what is happening in your mind.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global health and wellness industry is now worth $4.2 trillion.

It seems to appear that we value health highly. The industry has been growing year after year which would indicate that we are becoming more health conscious and proactive. But is it really the case?

In order to find the answer to that question we need to dig deeper and compare our individual perception of how much we value health to where health actually sits on the value scale.

On the scale of 1-10 how high do you believe you value health ?

Of course we all want to be healthy. There is no doubt about it. Therefore we believe that we must value health.

But wanting and desiring good health and well-being does not automatically mean that we truly value it.

Usually we only start to pay attention to our health when we develop pain or disease. We only truly value something when we feel the lack of it. When the mind and the body does not serve us anymore the way we want it to. We are being reactive.

So here is what it actually means to value our health:

Being proactive and taking the (all the known and available to you) actions that you understand are good for your body and mind and make it a priority.

10 actions that we take if we truly value our health:

  1. Proper sleep- on average between 6-9 hours of sleep is required for optimal rest and recovery.

  2. Healthy diet- Limiting or fully abstaining from substances that are addictive and harmful to us like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, fast foods, sugar etc., eating the right amount of food, good balanced nutrition and supplements if needed.

  3. Take time to rest and play- allowing the body and the mind to disconnect, reconnect, recharge, reflect, relax and have some fun.

  4. Managing stress- by for example practising meditation, yoga, resting; taking the time out, putting yourself first; seeing a therapist, a coach or a health professional if needed.

  5. Respecting the healing process- after an injury, surgery, disease etc. Being patient and kind to yourself.

  6. Taking the responsibility for what we put our body through- balancing out the nonnegotiable that we know are not good for us (e.g. if we sit down for a long period of time we will balance it out with a regular exercise/ massage therapy etc)

  7. Movement- the body is designed to move. Adjusting the amount and type of movement to our personal needs and circumstances.

  8. Personal care- keeping good hygiene, using protection when we go out on the sun, while engaging in sexual activities etc.

  9. Embracing the primary physiological and emotional needs of the body and the mind- regular sex, connection, love and affection, fun, play, laughter, joy.

  10. Water- we are build of water ( on average 60% of our body mass). Optimal hydration ( 2-3 liters a day) is the key element for crating a healthy environment for our bodies.

So now ask yourself again: How high do you value your health ? How much action do you take on daily basis that actually says " I do value my health and make it a priority"?

Only you can answer truthfully and authentically. While there is no need for judgements this realisation will open up the space for you to now make a powerful choice. Choice to either truly value your health and take the above actions the best to your ability or stay as you are with the responsibility that you might, and most likely will, experience pain and disease in the future.

In the end of the day to live powerfully and with integrity to yourself means to make sure your actions align with your values.


With Love

Anna Ostafin

Health Coach, Physiotherapist, Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

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