The 2 most important steps to start your true healing journey

Have you ever tried to get to a higher level of health and well-being but you found yourself never to get the results you truly desire?

Have you ever wondered what do you do wrong that you can't ever feel comfortable and healthy in your own body?

Have you ever felt confused and frustrated with trying to figure out what is the best thing to do to deal with your pain and disease ? Who to see, which advice to follow, what actions to take?

In the modern world where there is a "pill" for almost everything and life passes by so quickly we have become extremely disconnected with our bodies and it's natural healing process.

Only to be shaken up and brought back to earth to realise what's been missing and what is truly important once we develop pain or disease.

The majority of us would say that as a collective we highly value health. But have you ever questioned if and how true this statement is? We wish each other good health all the time, we talk about it and we of course want to be healthy in most cases, but are we really?

Let me tell you, from almost 15 years of experience with working with people and treating their bodies I can honestly say that majority of us only value health when there is a lack of it. Only when we feel pain or get sick. Read more about this topic in our previous article here.

And because of the lack of awareness, the disconnection with our bodies and misconception of our true values, we tend to start our healing journey by finding something or someone to blame for our state of being.

We believe that what is happening to us is out of our control therefore we shift the responsibility and the blame to our circumstances, ancestors, our DNA, our economical and social status or we simply blame others.

" Because we only pay attention to our health when we develop disease or pain and because we believe that we highly value health therefore there must be something that is out of our control to blame for our state of being. "

After we allocate the blame the healing journey begins. A fake one. We take some action to make ourselves feel good that we have done something about it. But our lack of responsibility continues.

We follow the usual, socially accepted and common path for restoring our good health only to find ourselves frustrated and disappointed with the results. So the blame game continues. We point the fingers at doctors, therapists, dietitians, our PTs and physiotherapists, the pharmacological companies, the whole health industry and the list goes on and on. We blame them for lack of knowledge, for incompetence, for misunderstanding us, for lack of empathy, for wrong advice, for misjudged diagnosis- you name it.

And this does not sound to me like an empowered path to take. Neither it is authentic or in synchronicity with natural healing process.

We have it all backwards.

We are a society looking for a quick "fix". Quick, easy and as cheap as possible. We expect results in no time and without making much effort. We don't have time to practice the awareness and pay attention to our health, and we also don't have time for the healing process. So we have adapted the idea that we can and even should replace and change anything that doesn't serve us anymore the way we want it to.

So we replace our wife's and our husbands, we replace our homes, our cities and countries, we replace jobs and commitments and we also believe we can replace our bodies.

We undergo hip replacements, knee and shoulder reconstructions, organs transplants. We change the shape of our bodies by cutting out what we don't like or what doesn't work anymore, adding up what we wish for, adjusting the size and the looks to what we believe would make us happier and healthier. We consume pills that should "fix" the issue, we numb the pain for as long as it's needed to restore some sort of normality and functionality. We jump from one solution to another as quick as we change the channels on TV the moment our expectations don't align with the results. We judge, we blame, we doubt, we expect, we be ignorant and righteous, we avoid the truth and we surely run away from any effort and responsibility. And after all that we play the victim.

But the reality is that all that in most cases don't work. Or it is just a quick, easy solution to mask a big issue that doesn't last very long and leaves us with even more serious repercussions than before.

So what is the right thing to do here you must be asking yourself now?

We have it all backwards.

We shift the responsibility and the blame on everything and everyone around us then follow the path full of unrealistic expectations or a path of mistreating and disrespecting your body's natural way of being and healing when in fact in order to start a true, authentic and powerful healing journey we must first take the full responsibility for our state of being instead of playing and feeling like a victim.

#1 step to a true healing: Take the full responsibility for your pain, disease and the way you feel.

This might sound challenging and unfair for some. Especially when we believe we don't deserve to be sick, or we believe we did "everything right" and took good care of ourselves so it seems unfair to be in pain or suffering from unpleasant conditions.

And let me agree with you here. You did not deserve it. You deserve to be happy, healthy and well at all times. But that does not change the fact that in order to truly heal we must first take the responsibility for the state we are in.

How to powerfully do that?

We must understand that everything that happens to us is a direct result of who we are, how we are and what we believe in. Therefore we hold all the power to create our health and well-being. If we take the responsibility for how we feel with the understanding that we have created it ourselves in the first place, consciously or unconsciously, it will set us free. And this is the first step to true healing.

The true and transformational healing starts when we see ourselves for who we are and when we accept our state of being for what it is. Truly and fully. With the pain and disease. We see it as it is and we embrace it. We understand that it is not an ideal state for us to be in but we take full responsibility for how it is now. Without judgement and blame.

Some of us may think.. Well I didn't want to develop tendinitis in my shoulder, or I did not invite a cancer to my body. Some might think I did all the right things - I exercised, I ate well and visited doctors when necessary so there must be something out of my control that created the disease. And while the answer to that is no. YOU are the one in control and YOU create all what happens to you, it all does not really matter now.

To look for who or what is to blame for how we feel is a pointless exercise. It is what it is and because it is our life and our body- we must take full responsibility for it's state of being. We must truly look and reevaluate our actions or lack of it. We must became authentic with ourselves and our values. We must realise that our body is us.

The body is only a reflection to what's in the mind. A mirror to your true thoughts and believes. The body is a reflection of your life.

In my practice I see over and over again clients with all sorts of health issues, from simple strains and pains to serious health conditions- and the only time we make a true and long lasting difference to their health is when they are willing to accept their condition, surrender to it, take full responsibility for the way they feel and truly let go of the blame and expectation.

That is the first step of your true healing journey. The most important one. Because without taking the first step you cannot take the second one.

Stay tuned to the next blog post when I share the second step so you have the whole picture of what's necessary to powerfully start your healing journey. One that will surprise you with the outcome which you are not able to even imagine now with your current believe system and understanding of what's possible.


If this sounds like something you would like to dig more into please check out our health coaching offer. One on one sessions to discover your own blockages and set you up for a true, powerful healing journey.


Anna Ostafin

Health coach, Physiotherapist, Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

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